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Inspiring innovation & fueling collaboration in the Oil & Gas ecosystem


A live stream of industrial data, continuously available and free of charge. Removing the obstacle of data gathering for students, startups & researchers.
Take it and learn with it. Show us what you find.
We’re excited to see what's possible.


Openness should be the new standard. Most of the industrial data should be open by default.

The Open Industrial Data project is a crucial first step toward a more open and collaborative industry. Where data sharing is the norm rather than the exception. 

Imagine the speed of technological advancement in a world where hundreds or thousands of industrial companies share live data this way.

This project is about injecting real, live data into the realm of innovation and invention. Then stepping back to see what happens, to be surprised.

Get the most from the project

Get the most from the project


  • Explore the potential of Industrial Data Platform
  • See how advanced visualizations unlock the value of data
  • Get involved in the project by sharing your own data sets


  • Use live industrial data to enrich your research
  • Evaluate state-of-the-art models and algorithms on real, reliable live data


  • Test your algorithms and applications on real industrial data
  • Develop new products and services using data previously out of reach


  • Discover what live industrial data looks like and experiment with visualizations
  • Use this data to develop your own algorithms


Are you ready to test an API or algorithm? Want to see how the data works or share ML insights with a like-minded community of developers?

Support the project. Add your data!

Support the project. Add your data!

Free, straightforward access to a continuous live stream of real data is a groundbreaking opportunity for academic researchers and startups alike.

The Open Industrial Data Project could easily become the most referenced public data set in academic publications. And the most utilized public data set in tech startups innovating on machine learning. 

We're looking for new data streams to contribute to the project. Talk to us about how your data can help fuel industrial innovation.

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